Entry one: Question one.

  • This entry will be analysing and giving quick thoughts about the question.

1. Compare the advertisement of a local brand in different language editions and demonstrate how semiotics can reveal the differences and similarities between them.

Key Words : Local brand, advertisement, different language, semiotics, differences and similarities.

Task words : Compare and demonstrate.

The thing that ticks me in choosing this topic as one of my exploring list is, language. Language is definitely a magical thing for me, I have always wondered how was it created, but I have never really dig into the deeper part of it. Back to the topic, so… as a Malaysian myself, Malaysia, a mixture of different races and culture, we spoke more than two languages. So, for the local advertisement part, no doubt that it is easy to notice different languages were being used. It might have a slightly different meaning because of the languages where sometimes it was not really accurate. But with the help of semiotics, it help audiences to identify what is what and the meaning of the advertisement even if the languages are not understandable.

As for the semiotics, it’s not a new thing for me as it was being taught in my year 4 first semester, Media cultures and histories, but the thing is I really need to refresh all my memories. (sorry Daniel)

  • In the next entry, I will be analysing about another shortlisted question.

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