Entry two: Question six.

  • This entry will be analysing and giving quick thoughts about the question.

6. Critically examine the popular usage of digital cameras, Photoshop, or Instagram,and its impact on professionals in the creative industry.
Key words: Popular usage of digital cameras, Photoshop, Instagram, impact, professionals, creative industry.
Task words: Examine.

Among the six questions that was given from the assignment brief, this question has a clear direction that can be seen on where to focus. Furthermore, a still learning design student, one of the essential tools are Photoshop, which is a familiar tool for me. So, if I am going to research more on this topic, it empowers me to gain more in-depth understanding of how it is being function, especially in the industry, pros and cons and so on . It will be quite useful for I am going to march myself into the industry in one and a half year more.

  • The next entry I will be discussing about the chosen topic and how I break my research into parts for better understanding.

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