Entry three: Hey you.

  • This entry will be discussing regarding on the chosen topic.

After analysing three different topics,  I wanted to choose the first question, because I have always interested, excited and curious in language, but semiotics comes into the play, it sort of halved my interest to proceed into more details researching. Right after that, several weeks of struggling (again) to choose the one to further research, I will go with question six.

6. Critically examine the popular usage of digital cameras, Photoshop, or Instagram,and its impact on professionals in the creative industry.

One of the reasons this topic is the chosen one, because it can relates to our daily life (I am one of the person that have been using both of the applications from time to time – Photoshop and Instagram), especially in this advance century, where people at least have owned a digital camera or a phone that comes with a camera, and with the capability of technologies that was implemented, which is easier to function and primarily convenient. This might lead  to the professionals in the creative industry facing a downside situation or it is actually an aid in the creative industry? I shall begin my research on it.

I will be breaking it into three parts for me to have a clearer view to further my research on:
1) Digital camera
2) Photoshop

3) Professionals in the creative industry

Digital camera 
1) Introduction of digital camera includes history.
2) The usage of using digital camera.
3) What kind of digital camera are there?

Photoshop – The first time using a Photoshop software was 15 years old, and amazed by its function, until now it has always been my favourite software, hence, I will be focusing on more towards it.
These are the questions on Photoshop that I want to imply on:
1) What will happen to the design world/world if Photoshop isn’t even invented?
2) Will Photoshop become an addiction after a period of usage?
3) What are the pros and cons of using Photoshop?
4) The usage of using Photoshop

Creative Industry
I have been visiting my classmates’ blogs and saw one of the blog, Kelsey and Brenda has a list about Creative industry on entry two and it really helps me on knowing what are the creative industry out there, because the way I thought about creative industry is far more different than the list.
1) What kind of creative industry are there?
2) How does Photoshop becomes an impact to the creative industry.
3) What will be the pros and cons towards the creative industry?

Creative industry

1) Advertising, 2) Architecture, 3) Art and antiques market, 4) Crafts, 5) Design: fashion, product and graphic, 6) Film, video, television and radio 7) Interactive leisure, software and computer services, 8) Music and performing arts, 9) Publishing

These questions will be starting point of the research area, but I will come up with more questions  in my further research.


Anon, (2015). [online] Available at: http://creativeskillset.org/assets/0000/9395/Classifying_and_measuring_the_Creative_Industries.pdf [Accessed 8 Jun. 2015].

Wikipedia, (2015). Creative industries. [online] Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_industries [Accessed 8 Jun. 2015].

  • The next entry will be discussing about digital camera.

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