Entry four: The evolution and the usage of digital camera.

  • This entry will be introducing the evolution and the usage of digital camera.
  • knowing that my working progress are so much slower than most of them. I have been lurking around my classmates’ blogs as my motivation and reminder to start blogging about my research to keep up with the pace, and of course read about their research.

Camera timeline in inforgraphic formThe infographic on the left side showing the timeline from camera obscura to mobile photography. I found this is easy to understand, although there might some information that is not included. Aristotle has already known the camera obscura in the 4th century BCE.

1839 – daguerreotype.

1903 – <Cent-Vues>

1913 – Leica.

1948 – Edwin Land invented Polaroid camera (first step in instant photography).

1975 – First electronic camera was build.

Late 1990s – Digital camera became common.

2000 – First camera phone was sold.

Do people still prefer using a digital camera than a phone camera or a compact camera?


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  • In the next entry I will be discussing about Instagram.

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