Entry five: What kind of filters should I use?

  • This entry I will be introducing Instagram, which includes the function and a few of case studies.

Leaving Instagram aside is not a very good idea, so I will be covering up a bit of it, though, the main part that I will be focusing is Photoshop.

Instagram, founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege , created in 2010. According to the source I have found on the official website, the FAQ page said that they love the idea of how different types of old camera marketed themselves as “instant” and telegram that sent over the wire to others which gave them and idea of combining the two elements, thus, the name Instagram was formed (Instagram.com, 2015) is a social networking application where users can share their moments with friends. This application offered convenient and easier to function, with just a tap on the existing filter, your photo can turn out to be a professional photo and the way it can be easily be shared to different social network platform. On the other hand, I agree with Moreau’s saying, users can only upload their photos and videos via mobile phones, but still accessible in website, it is just the matter of unavailable to upload photos and videos. (Moreau, 2015)

In this image, I have demonstrated an example of how Instagram can be easily shared to different social network platform and with a range of filters to select. From the left, Instagram’s interface to the third one where you can select the social platform that you decided to share on, while on the fourth and fifth image is being shared on the selected platform.

So, other than having an easy access on sharing, what can Instagram offers? Why do some people like to use it? How do the users use it and for what purposes?

It gives users opportunities to see the other side of the world and it is easy to get other users for accessing your work in a simple and plain way, for the bonus part of this application, skilled photographer has a chance to expose themselves by sharing photos and it get published in a quicker way  (Bolt, 2011).

Instagram helps users to build their social and also business platform, of course with the help of hashtags “#”. (Helmrich, 2015) stated that “Hashtags are a great way to help other users find your content on Instagram, just like on Twitter”. It helps users to search their interest in a particular area, example, #cutedogs it will appear a list for users to tap on, and when users taps on it, it will show up photos that has the same content as #cutedogs. I have to agree with this statement, I am one of the users too, and I have to mention that you can get expose in a quicker way with just using the hashtags, believe it or not.

While on the more advertising part, (Gunderson, 2013), said “what makes this tool unique is that it centers on the use of photographs and photograph captions only”. And what I have mentioned before about the hashtags, with this combination, it helps a lot on promoting the business.

Furthermore, there are people that are using Instagram in a more creative way, example, the people that I have remembered vividly is Red, also known as Hong Yi who likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush (Redhongyi.com, 2015). She has transformed her Instagram to another level, where she posted one by one photos and slowly turning into a larger canvas showing a portrait of celebrity chef – Jamie Oliver, used up a total of 11 grids in the process, creating a beautiful portrait.

Celebrity chef - Jamie OliverThe photos are snapshots from my phone and was edited. The left photo was how it looked like on Instagram, due to several photos were uploaded, causes this looked a bit out of position, the original looks like the photo on the right side.

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  • The next entry will be discussing about Photoshop.

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