Entry eight: How Photohop impacts the graphic design industry.

  • This entry will be discussing about how Photoshop can offer in the creative industries.

Creative industry: Designs – graphic.

Alex Koshelkov

This video was introduced by one of the lecturer, Darry from my foundation year of Interactive Media design, Alex Koshelkov, creative Graphic Designer has 9 years of experience in Graphics and Web Designing. In this 9 minute long video, undeniable mad skill of Photoshop can be observed such as, using the tools to remove the human on the ship and duplicating lines to connect to the hot air balloon, distorting the images to fit in the whole picture perspective, mashing different images together and such, nonetheless, the background music were synchronized with the visual perfectly, the whole flow was just smooth, hence it has intensified the whole situation of immersion towards the videos, whereas you can feel the dramatic effects of seeing how things get build up and such. The image below is the final outcome of Airship of Doom by Alex Koshelkov.

In my opinion, Photoshop has reached to a level where creativity are highly boosted as users have the freedom to express themselves or experimenting different brushes, effects, photo manipulating and more, with the tools that were improvised and new features has been added in years. Not only it is more convenience to use, it is also enable the users to create more dynamic effects on a canvas, which is definitely impressive.

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  • I will be discussing on how Photoshop impacts the video and film industry in the next entry.

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