Entry nine: How Photoshop impacts the video and film industry in the next entry.

  • I will be discussing on how Photoshop impacts the video and photo industry.

Creative industries : Video and film

Gareth Edwards

This video is discussing about how Garenth Edwards works on his Monster movie, and how he can shoot with a low budget movie by just using Adobe Photoshop for creating  and editing  the monster and Adobe After Effect. He has demonstrated on how Photosho allows users to have a clay that can be model with just mouse click and molding it into something.


In my opinion, with the convenience of Adobe Photoshop has provided, and with mini team, the man power that had been used to film the whole movie, they deserved a thumbs up and praises. 

Reference lists

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  • I will be discussing  about how Photoshop impacts the advertisement industry.

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