Entry eleven: Thesis statement.

  • This entry will be my thesis statements.

From all the research, I have two thesis that came in my mind.

” Using Photoshop with responsibilities, whereas the visuals is altering the reality standard to a more idealise standard”.

The issues has been on and off for years, but there are not much of actions were taken. But instead of the users themselves have to be cautious about the effects regarding to the platform they are going to bring towards the audience and society.

“Photoshop, a screen-based software that has truly enriched our visual aspects through the software’s functions”.

As a Photoshop user myself, I am grateful that the invention of this software, it really helps the designer world to take their creativity, imagination to a whole new level and most of all convenient to use. Other than that, in the entry nine I have mentioned about the impact on film and video, Edward mentioned that it saved a lot of budget for the production, where Edward created a monster with the help of Adobe Photoshop and also Adobe After Effect, instead of creating a real life monster out.

  • The next entry will be my conclusion.

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