Entry twelve: Conclusion.

  • This entry will be summarising my research and conclude it.

To conclude this, with all the research I have, I tend to see Photoshop in a positive side, rather than the negative side of it. Yes it does altered our mind especially females with their ideal images, with the advertisement and fashion magazine it has adds oil in to the flames.

However, look at the bright side, Photoshop does helps a lot especially towards designers. Even though Photoshop often being said as not friendly software whereas it alters the image of the beauty in reality, hence, it is not saying that people cannot use Photoshop, it is just the fact that having a responsibility of how it is going to use on which platforms, what are the things going to be apply on and most of all, knowing the limitation of editing, do not go overboard.

Do you not agree that Photoshop has enhance our visuals, creativity and imagination from time to time?

In addition, this video gave an advice about putting a label on the magazine which telling you that this photo was edited. I was thinking it as well because in my entry ten where I mentioned how food advertisement can be really disappointing in reality.

Reference lists

YouTube, (2008). The Photoshop Effect: Part 2 Controversy. [online] Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovpd5O6M8tQ [Accessed 26 Jun. 2015].


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